Lucius Aelius Caesar (January 13, 101 – January 1, 138) was the father of Emperor Lucius Verus. In 136, he was adopted by Hadrian and named heir to the throne.

Humulus lupulus 'Aureus' (Common Hop) Common Hop, Golden Hop. Cold-hardy and very decorative, award-winning Humulus lupulus 'Aurea' is a strong-growing perennial.

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The relationships of hop cultivars and wild variants of Humulus lupulus ERNEST SMALL Biosystet?latics Resecrrctz Institltte, Agricrtltrtre Cnnndn, Ottawn.

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Humulus lupulus 'Cascade' Hops. Plant Type: Clematis Vines. The definitive hop for American craft brews used for flavor and aroma, dark green deeply lobed foliage.

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